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Beach House Villa

Created for
Celebrities & You

Some of us travel for work, and some of us travel for fun, but either way we all share the same unbelievable story about this unique stay. The Salt Rock Beach House Villa is ideal for our high profile and real celebrity guests who don’t want to be seen, who want privacy and crave the tranquillity of our exclusive beach house. Be prepared to experience at least a little bit of jealousy when your friends realise on social media, like a celebrity, that you had your beach vacation at one of the most popular Beach House Villas directly on the beach and close to Ballito Bay. Let all be green with envy as only a few will ever experience the true beauty that you are about to …

Modern & Sophisticated

While embracing modern and contemporary design inspiration, The Beach House Villa offers beautifully furnished and equipped open plan living with stylish sophistication, highlighted by the beauty of its unique location.

Upmarket Appliances

Enjoy a fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen complete with a full range of upmarket appliances.

Safe & Secure

With secure parking and safe drive in through an automated access gate, you’ll feel right at home in this idyllic location.

Outdoor Spaces

The private swimming pool is surrounded by a spacious wooden deck that runs the entire width of the villa overlooking the sea. The variety of outdoor furniture is ideal for watching glorious sunrises, having a lazy morning breakfast, watching the dolphins play, soaking up the sun and dining with spectacular sunsets.

Superb Friendly Staff

Our staff at the Beach House Villa are friendly and very knowledgeable about the property. They are happy to help whenever your needs arise.

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